Meet the Show Butler: Who is it for?

Peace of mind

For anyone who has ever sold a home, the process of showing your home can be overwhelming.

Not only does your home have to be “show ready” but packing up the kids, the pets and making an exit for hours at a time, can be aggravating and distressing for any home seller.

The Show Butler system allows home sellers to know exactly when a buyer and a realtor enter their home with an automatic alert to their smartphone through an app provided by the seller’s realtor.

The ShowButler Device

For Realtors

Realtors who want to provide an innovative new system to their home sellers that alleviates the stress over the showing process and the guess work of when they can return home.

For Home Sellers

Home sellers who want to know precisely when a buyer arrives for a showing appointment to minimize the amount of time you are forced to be out of your home for a showing appointment.


The Show Butler system is a unique system for realtors to offer to home sellers as part of their marketing program.

Homeowners are Time Sensitive

Homeowners today are extremely sensitive to the amount of time they have to be out of their homes for a showing appointment. 1-2 hour windows per showing forces your home sellers to pack up the family, including pets, and disappear until the showing time has expired.

Hardware & Software Coming Together

The system includes providing a Show Butler device to the home seller and a Show Butler app so they can track their showing activity and history. Your sellers will know exactly when they can return home.

Devices are purchased and owned by the realtor so they can be used over and over again.

ShowButler for iOS home screen
ShowButler for iOS home screen

Empower your clients

Empower your clients with a Show Butler and your home seller will never wonder again if or when a realtor and buyer come to show the home.

Significantly reduce the amount of time they spend away from their home and provide them with a system that will alert them instantly upon a buyer and realtor entering their home. If they don’t receive an alert, they will know that the realtor never came to the house.

Reuse Devices Over and Over Again

Assign your Show Butler to a property and after it sells, you can assign the Show Butler to your next happy home seller!

Home Sellers

Easily Activate & Deactivate the Device

Your Show Butler sits by your entry door, waiting to alert you the minute a buyer and realtor enter your home. A convenient power button at the top of the device can be used to turn the Show Butler on for showings as you exit your home.

Save Time

Save valuable time being out of your home by knowing when someone enters and exists, you can go home!

Know Who is in Your Home

Eliminate the unknown question of “Did an agent ever show the house?” when you arrive home and there is no card left on the table.

Elliminate Guesswork

Know exactly how long a buyer spent in your home which can be valuable feedback and possible interest in your home.